About Groov’Music Marketing..

WP_20130901_081Groov’Music Marketing is a blog about Music Marketing and Promotion by  Michelle Galas Managing Director and Founder of  Groov’Earth Records Ltd.

I am passionate  about  ”Music Marketing”  and ”Music Promotion” but not the ” Marketing”  you think.  Singer Songwriters, Musicians often mix ”Music Marketing” and  ”Music Promotion”

Music Marketing is in relation with the “Music Market” and Music Promotion is about ”the tools” you use to make people listen to your music and know you as ”Artist”.

I am more interested in the impact  Singers Songwriters, musicians, Djs can and must have in The Society . Groov’Music Marketing aim is to help Artists to go beyond the fact to be on stage with a microphone and entertain the public but to impact the society and leave a mark in the society with Creative ideas to find strategics Music Marketing and  Promotion.

Start the journey with me in Groov’Music Marketing World and follow me i will reveal you things you may be never though about.

Welcome to Groov’Music Marketing ! Groov’IT NOW!

If you Want to use my services email me : michellegalas@groovearthrecords.com 

Follow us on Twitter @Groovmusicmkt

Follow Me on FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/Groovearthrecords?ref=tn_tnmn



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