4 comments on “Artist Selection November 2012: ***Flaviyake***

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  2. “The commercial electronic music market is more dominated by Djs and the nightclub scene”

    – Certainly! My music doesn’t suit some live music events because I sing over backing tracks, in the same time it’s difficult to enter the electronic music venues as I am not a DJ.

    “Flaviyake must choose to be either in the commercial one or create her own style around a concept (music and lyrics) as she mentions herself ”I always say something to make people use their brain” and from that she will be more focus to find her target audience.”

    – Actually I learn from Madonna, as she is one of the best entertainers, and she always talks to the audience between her songs. What makes me different is that I don’t simply talk to the audience, but I tell my own aphorisms, suitable for the following song, to make people use their brain. They will come back home a bit more clever. This is my style.

    “Flaviyake’s music production must have an electronic concept sound stronger and more unique to herself if she wants to “Win Grammy” in the actual electronic music market today”

    – At the moment, I am working on my first professional recording. My demos on Soundcloud were recorded at home.

    “We indeed really like “Electronic Boy”, “Little Girl”, “Doll”, which have a very strong commercial touch and “Moonlight” which must be worked again and more longer(1.56 minutes)..”

    – I do very well with ‘Electronic Boy’ at every venue, and people say quite often that this song has a very strong commercial potential worldwide. I need to meet right people to promote this song seriously. Regarding ‘Moonlight’, unfortunately my brother lost the original version of the backing track, so we can’t make it longer at the moment. I solve this problem at my gigs by mixing it down with another song.

    “A track (Turn Around) is also farfrom the electronic sound..”

    – Of course, but people like this song, so I do well with it as well.

    “We suggest Flaviyake to use her personality and physical state (she is petite) and mix this with her music for example by wearing her own fashion creation each time she performs live to create the buzz around herself and her look (image).”

    – I wear quirky glasses made by myself, and the audience likes it. People always want to try them on.

    “Flaviyake must decide what image she wants to use the one of the “Doll” or the “Electronic Fashion one”

    – I like to be different.

    “The fact that Flaviyake is petite is a very pertinent selling point. She can be the ambassador of “petite lady” and promote product, clothes ect for petite”

    – I agree.

    Thanks Groov’Music Marketing!

  3. – Thank you Flaviyake to reply to this:

    Certainly! My music doesn’t suit some live music events because I sing over backing tracks, in the same time it’s difficult to enter the electronic music venues as I am not a DJ.

    What we mean by saying the Electronic music is dominated by Dj and the nightclub scene is to tell you that the place you must perform if you want to become an ” Icon” in electronic music must be place they play electronic music and where you will find your future fans as you say not all venues play Electronic music this is what i mean here so you must look for live music venues where electronic music lovers goes..
    You can sing on an Electronic background no problem is not what i mean here. 🙂 the most important is to find people who loves electronic music in those venues.

  4. I agree with you! One of my friends told me that big clubs have small rooms for chill out music, probably I can get there first. 🙂

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