2 comments on “How to Promote Your Genre of Music ?

  1. Interesting article, certainly a problem I have come across in the music industry with regard to marketing myself. I have always been happy to draw on many influences and go where the inspiration for each song takes me but have found the industry wants me to wear one particular hat and have a particular image and musical style to suite… With each recording project I have released I have found myself questioning just where best to try and place it? I have songs that would fit quite happily on to a rock radio station, others that would not be out of place on a reggae show, on a blues program, on acoustic/folk show etc. I would like to think my music is “mainstream” and even “Pop music” but that seems that’s the biggest nut to crack of all though it can be music of any style and every genre…. And seems impossible to break into with out a big company backing… or a very cheap gimmik

    One of the reasons I believe bands like the Rolling Stones have been around so long is because they have never been afraid to explore other musical styles, they’ve done disco, country, reggae, soul, funk and mixed it in with their own take on blues and rock ‘n’ roll.. Defining what kind of music you play when asked, and especially when trying to market yourself can be tricky… Now I just say and promote myself as a “singer/songwriter” and hope I can get accepted under that umbrella!

    • Thank you for your comment Mark and happy that you find this blog post interesting.
      I would like to add about The Rolling stones before they start to explore other genre of music, they establish themselves as a rock band and became a brand then they have to follow as you mention the music genre market trend to remain in the game. They can do that because they have a strong fanbase who will follow them whatever genre of music they do and the Rolling stones image is impacted by the image of Mick Jagger within his way to move on stage and personality the rolling stones without Mick Jagger will not be The Rolling Stones. It is about the Music genre, fan and image (brand).

      I advice new artist to establish themselves in one genre of music so they can be established in one music genre market first as a brand and build a fanbase then they can change and do whatever they want.When they have reach the level of sale bargain. Because to be everywhere without a strong fan base it is like you put some piece of bread in a sea who is going to take it you do not know.??

      Groov’Music Marketing

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